Please read all policies and make sure you understand before making your purchases. It is your responsibility to read all listing descriptions and order procedures to ensure you get what you want.

When ordering, please keep in mind that Odin’s Bead Hall is a one person operation. These are handmade items, which means there will always be imperfections, because Odin is not a computer controlled manufacturing machine. A handmade product means that there might be imperfections that cannot be controlled.

By purchasing on Odin’s Bead Hall, you agree to these terms and policies when making your order.


Digital Items

Absolutely NO REFUNDS given on any digital downloadable products. No exceptions.


Made to order Customs


Resin Products:

You can get a refund as long as you cancel BEFORE the item is shipped. Once shipped, returns or exchanges are not accepted.

If you receive your item and change your mind about colors or other features, colors WILL NOT be re-made. If you want a different set, you must purchase another set. Please ensure that you have given Odin the closest shades and finishes you would like matched. If there are texture and finish options in the listing (i.e metallic, transparent etc.) please make sure you have filled them out, otherwise it is Dealer’s Choice, and Odin will make decisions for you.



Since materials have to be purchased for all custom beadwork, there are NO REFUNDS once all options have been discussed with you and an invoice has been paid. Again, make sure you understand ALL OPTIONS and pick out the EXACT color choices (as seen above in the resin options.)

When ordering a custom piece, Odin requires a materials fee of 60% of the final retail cost of the item. Once the piece has been made, you have THREE WEEKS to pay for the remainder of the item. If the invoice is not paid after that time, YOU FORFEIT YOR MATERIALS FEE and the item will no longer be available to you.

You may repurchase the item with an additional materials fee.

Timing of the product is also to be discussed before purchase. Odin is one person and can accomodate up to a reasonable time depending on the complexity, time of year, and volume of the project. No refunds will be given if you have changed your mind on the deadline. However, a rush fee may be applied if you need something sooner.


Ready-Made and other Supplies


Once a purchase has been made and the item has shipped, there are no refunds or returns.




Please note that most items are custom handmade when ordered, so expect a current TAT of 1-3 weeks before shipping notices.

Shipping is to USA only. International customers can contact me for a custom shipment listing if I am available to do so.

I use recycled materials for packaging, so don’t be alarmed if you see parcels with labels from places you did not buy from.