Talisman Bag Charms – Beading 101



This lovely piece has been requested for some time, and I decided to turn it into a basic Beading 101 tutorial. The talisman themselves are one of those pieces that are never finished. Once you compose an idea, the possibilities are limitless, and it is so simple to just add on more strands. It is also an awesome idea to use up those orphan beads you don’t know what to do with!
I use them as bag and purse charms, but you can attach them to practically anything you want to add a bit of flair to! I even know of someone who wanted to put them onto pretend wands and staffs for awesome role play adventures!
This tutorial will go over a lot of techniques such as:
-Colors and design
-Basic stringing with Beading wire
-Wire wrapping stones,feathers, and more
-creating links and drops with wire
-Basic knotting
-And so much more to get you started on creating your own talisman, or your own jewelry designs


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