Odin’s Resin Encyclopedia of Tips and Techniques



After much request, I have finally compiled a comprehensive beginner’s guide to resin crafting and jewelry making. This is basically a good chunk of my own personal experience and written in my own perspective. It covers everything my mind could spurt out onto the paper regarding the basics of this art.
You will get a MASSIVE 29 page PDF file for instant download that covers everything from Epoxy mixing, colorants, embedding anything and everything, designing, and even handling the newer fad of UV cured polyester resin (NOT the two part catalyst resin). It also has an extensive set of hyperlinks to sources for purchasing your own materials.
It is not written as a step-by-step tutorial, it is more of a guideline to help you create your own pieces from a wide variety of mediums.
I am always working on updating this document, so if you have suggestions for things I haven’t covered, let me know!


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